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Australian Soaring -
Welcome to the web site for information about gliders and their use (soaring) in Australia.
Balloon Rides and Soaring Glider Rides -
Hot Air Balloon Ride and Soaring Glider Rides. GIFT CERTIFICATES. Good Nationwide, at 150 Certified Sport Flying Centers.
Belgian National Soaring Centre -
The Belgian National Soaring Centre ("Centre National de Vol Voile") is a subsidised, non-profit-making association which has following goals: Develop soaring as a sport. Encourage practising of soaring. Training of soaring executives
Belgium Soaring - Gliding -
Belgium - soaring - gliding - zweefvliegen - vol voile - segelfliegen The most comprehensive and up-to-date Belgian soaring (gliding) directory on the Web.
Beverley Soaring Society -
Gliding, learn to fly at Beverley located near Perth, Western Australia.
Black Forest Soaring Society -
The Black Forest Soaring Society is a soaring club located south of Denver, Colorado. Excellent cross-country and wave flying opportunities.
Cincinnati Soaring Society -
Cincinnati Soaring Society Web Site.
Colorado Soaring Association -
Colorado Soaring Association owns and operates Owl Canyon Gliderport, located about 15 miles north of Fort Collins, Colorado.
Eastern Soaring League -
The Eastern Soaring League, the ESL, promotes R/C Soaring in the East. Members organize soaring activities and contests through many local soaring clubs. Most of these activities are two, one-day events. Many members and spouses travel to enjoy the weekend away from home. It's a great opportunity to fly, meet with friends, make new friends, and learn about soaring.
Estrella Soaring -
Experience the Pure Joy of Flight at the World Famous Estrella Soaring Site.
Knauff & Grove Soaring Supplies -
We hope that you will browse around and let us know what we can do for you in the way of sailplane supplies. Knauff & Grove Soaring Supplies is your one stop shopping center for all of those hard to find parts and accessories for your sailplane. Whether you are looking for radios, turbulator tape, or a new sailplane, we probably have it.
Lake Elsinore Soaring Club -
Come join the fun.
Links2Go - Soaring -
Many, many soaring links.
Mission Soaring Center -
Hollister, California. Provides professional training on state-of-the-art equipment at our dedicated training site.
MITSA - The First General Aviation Server -
The MIT Soaring Association is non-profit soaring club near Boston, MA, open to everybody interested in soaring.
National Soaring Museum -
The soaring capital of America - Elmira, New York.
Peter Kelly - Soaring & Gliding -
I maintain a group of web pages for the purpose of promoting my hobby -- gliding and soaring. I have been a pilot since the early 1960's and began gliding in the early 1980's.
Phoenix Soaring -
Arizona soaring adventures since 1967.
Segelflyget - Swedish Soaring -
The Swedish Soaring Federation, SSF, organizes all soaring clubs in Sweden nationally and internationally.
Soar West -
SoarWest covers soaring in the Western US (Rocky Mountain Region). Soaring in full size gliders and with Radio Controlled models.
Soaring -
The purpose of the Society is to foster and promote all phases of gliding and soaring, nationally and internationally.
Soaring FAQ -
Soaring FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).
Soaring at High Country Soaring -
Soaring at High Country Soaring - The Diamond Capital ....for thermal soaring, wave soaring and ridge soaring.
Soaring and Glider Links -
Present by glider ground school. An on-line course.
Soaring Information -
Soaring Information and Sailplane Directory. This WWW Server provides a variety of information about the sport of soaring.
Soaring Links -
World-Wide Web Virtual Library - Aviation / Soaring. Courtesy of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.
Soaring Stuff -
Soaring Stuff was founded in 1990 .... primarily out of frustration... because we couldn't find sources for quality, hard-to-find R/C soaring accessory products.
Soaring Trader -
Buy or Sell Your Glider Here. Welcome to the Soaring Trader. Here you can find and submit classified ads regarding soaring. Gliders, tugs, trailers, parts and accessories. -
The Internet's most comprehensive site about soaring and gliding.
R/C Soaring Magazine -
R/C SOARING MAGAZINE - PSS Me109 de Nimbus Aeromodele Essai d'un planeur PSS en polypropylene expanse(EPP). L'AQUILA 2 de Scorpio Essai d'un planeur parfait pour la transition 3 axes.
Tokyo Soaring Club -
University of Tokyo Soaring Club is here. Japanese only.
Toronto Soaring Club -
This web page is meant to give you basic information on our club and the sport of soaring in Canada.
U.S. Soaring Sites.
U.S. Soaring & Service Sites by States.
Utah Soaring Association
The Utah Soaring Association is a 45 member club based out of the beautiful Heber Valley Airport a.k.a. Russ McDonald Field, a class B-2 utility airport at 5632' MSL (CTAF 122.8) with an asphalt runway 75 feet wide and 6900 feet in length. Runway lighting, a rotating beacon, a parallel taxiway, turn around's and aircraft parking are provided.
Valley Soaring Club -
A not-for-profit soaring club located in Middletown, NY. Affordable glider rides and instruction.
Wind Song -
Official Website for the Santa Barbara Soaring Association.
World Class Soaring Association -
WCSA -- PW-5 -- Flight Logs -- Store -- Polls.

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