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ROADSIDE AMERICA -, talk about memories. See what they are missing today. 25 cent gasoline (Lead Only) and 15 cent hamburgers. Motels & Neon Signs ...including No Vacancy Signs. Chocolate Milk Shakes drugs. What a great time in American History.

Greg Knight's Patio Culture -
Welcome to the patio. The place where you grew up if you grew up in the suburban America of the 1960's.
Hamburgers -
Courtesy of Billy Miner's Hamburgers, Fort Worth, Texas. Use your BACK BUTTON to return to this page.
Historic US Highways -
The two lane roads stretches out to the horizon littered with abandoned buildings. In the distance the Interstate highway is visible, the epitome of modern road building. Once, traffic now going on the Interstate went on the narrow two lane road, an old US highway. What was its history. What was it like to drive on it.
Hit The Road -
Located near the beginning of historical Route 66 in Chicago, this is the ultimate shopping stop before the long road trip, offering all sorts of handy road items and fun travel games.
Kampgrounds of America Inc. -
Welcome Campers, to KOA Kampgrounds. We are a system of over 500 campgrounds open to the public, located in the US, Canada, Mexico & Japan. You will enjoy full service camping facilities which include hot showers, restrooms, laundry, convenience store, RV hookups, tent sites, cabins & cottages. Let KOA be your family vacation host.
Martin Mathis Route 66 Photo Gallery And Essay -
A lovely essay on Route 66's contribution to American road trip and pop culture, along with many pictures from the road and links to other Route 66 sites.
National Historic Route 66 Federation -
National Historic Route 66 Federation. A Nationwide Organization. It's how millions of Americans traveled coast-to-coast from the '20s to the '60s, and now all the info you need on 66 is online. Contains the facts on what you can do to preserve 66, roadside attractions, photos, retro postcards, more.
Pacific Coast Highway 101 -
Californa - Oregon - Washington. The 101 Cafe began its life as a small 20-seat diner in 1928, opened by the Ekegren family. It was just the small dining room where the counters are now. As today, the restaurant was noted for its breakfast, which is still served all day. The Cafe was named for the old highway which it fronted Highway 101. The Greyhound bus stopped right in front until the 1940's when a bus station was located downtown. The diner enjoyed the traffic generated by Highway 101, which was the main access from Los Angeles to San Diego until 1953 when Highway 101 was relocated to the present location of Interstate 5. This changed the nature of the business. For a look at the past, click on the Hwy 101 links. This web site will bring back memories of the old Pacific Coast Highway and the drive from Los Angeles to San Diego, prior to Interstate 5. There are many USA "Roadside" Links, so spend sometime on this web site.
Reno - Sparks - Hot August Nights -
Quick, what decades enjoyed the coolest cars and the greatest music. We all know the answer: the 50ās and 60ās Hot August Nights gives you the chance to relive those wonderful days of drive-in movies, cruising Main Street, boppinā at the Malt Shop, or just hanging out in your cool car with your best guy or best gal listening to some great music on the radio. Letās do it all again. Be-bop with your baby, cruise some downtown streets, pull into the worldās largest drive-in or swap car parts, all while you groove to the tunes of some of the best entertainers the 50ās and 60ās had to offer.
Road Trip USA -
Exit the huge highways and take the road less traveled on your next holiday. Steering you toward roadside attractions and oddball Americana, here's a resource to point you to some of America's great natural wonders, historic places and good old kitsch.
Roadside America -
Your online guide to offbeat tourist attractions. This is really a fun web site to visit.
Roadside Online -
Roadside Magazine - Explore the back roads and Main Streets of America. Time to Eat in a Diner.
Roadside Peek -
An online encyclopedia of Route 66, roadside icons, mid-century Googie architecture, bowling alleys, diners and yes, drive-in movie theatres.
Route 66 -
Where the Mother Road meets the Information Superhighway.
Route 66 -
One of the most comprehensive sites online for those who wish to virtually explore Old 66, with memory-filled diary entries of those whose explored the highway, photos and info on highway hotspots and links to articles on the highway.
Route 66 Corvette Page -
Find a history of this owner's 1966 Corvette, plus his favorite models, a Corvette photo album and links to other Corvette-oriented sites.
Route 66 - Drive-In Theaters -
This is a list of Drive-In Theaters that have been located along Route 66. Most are ghost today but there are a few still in operation.
Route 66 in Oklahoma - Lucille's -
Get your kicks on Lucille's Route 66, a combined memorial and directory that focuses on the history of the famous U.S. highway and its current businesses and establishments.
Route 66 Place
Mounted by fans of the historic highway in Williams, Arizona, this page remembers Route 66 with memories from families who made road trips on the highway. Includes gifts and 66 souvenirs, too.
Rusty Old Gas Stations, Old Trucks, and Roadside Joints -
The Webmaster admits to traveling the two-lane highways with a camera always within reach. Here are his shots, embracing all that is rotting, ruined and retro beside the roads.
VW Club -
The VW Club has thousands of fun-loving kindred spirits across North America. We get together in groups of various sizes for a wide range of activities. Whether you have a New Beetle or a classic VW that only hits the road on weekends, the VW Club offers great benefits.
Yahoo! Roadside America -
Courtesy of Yahoo.

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